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My Journey

So I sent Sean Croxton a message and…

I went to screenshot it because I was so excited about it… I was going to post it and respond but then… I DELETED IT!! Ugh!!  Punch to the gut!!

Well, he responded, and said he’s going to read my blog.   Yey, yey, yey!!

Well, today’s Quote of the Day is by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

“Anything that You Can Place into Your Imagination Can Harden into a Reality.”

Successful people follow specific principals.  They “know in [their] heart what [they] are here for, what [they] came to do.”

I have come to the point this year of really defining what it is I’m here for and what I came to do.  You can read about it here.  This is an ongoing and changing process.  But overall, I am here to support people in achieving their dreams, I’m here to teach and streamline curriculum and teaching processes, and I am here to show other people God’s love through Christ.  

If you haven’t created a Mission statement for your life, I suggest that you do that.  Dan Miller has a process that you can go through here.  If you don’t know who you are and what you are doing here, you won’t go anywhere that you want to go.  

As a high school English teacher, I have heard many students claim that they are going to be millionaires.  When I ask them how, most of the time they have no clue.  They may rap, sing, or do some other creative venture, but they generally are lacking follow-through and purpose.  Now I don’t necessarily blame them.  There are quite a few teenagers that will have a wake-up call when they graduate and realized how expensive it is just to survive. But it is way worse when I hear grown men and women either being completely defeated by the world and complacent OR still imagining success without taking any steps to achieve it.

In Dr. Dryer’s clip, he describes Maslow’s Self-Actualization.  He says that “there are certain people who come into this world that come from a self-actualized perspective”, they don’t let others define them, and they are are seldom understood.

Since I’ve gone through this process of realizing my skills and trying to define what I am here for, it has created a disconnect between me and many of the people around me.  They look at me amazed and tell me things like, “Wow, you are so motivated!”  I even people tell me that I’m smart, which if you knew me in grade school, most people thought I was the ditsy blonde, and I have worked very hard to dispel this assumption.   I will no longer hold on to what other people think of me.  I will create who I want them to see.  I will be who I was created to be.

Are you who you want to be or what others expect from you?  

Sometimes when we go through hardships, and overcome them, it puts us in a situation where we must redefine ourselves.

In the Marine Corps we call this Mind over matter: “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter!!”  When I went through the hardest time in my life.  I had lost almost everything in my life.  I had no money. I was borderline homeless and had to start over from scratch.  This was my turning point.  I had no other choice but to pull up my bootstraps and move forward. This was the time I depended on God to lead my steps and tell me where to go.  3 years later I feel like I’m back at the beginning except for one thing: I know my worth. I know my skills. I know what I’m here for.  The question becomes: “What now?”

Well, I’m writing more.  I’m creating more.  I’m determined to succeed and I’m taking steps daily to achieve those dreams.  I WILL DO IT!! I will!!  I am placing it into my imagination and will see it become reality!!  

How about you?


Narrowing My Focus

As I have mentioned many times, I have gone through this process over the past year of realizing that I am capable of doing and achieving so much more than I am right now.  I feel like I am Indiana Jones right before he takes the first step across the Leap of Faith. I don’t know what is going to be there when I take that step, but I trust that it is what I must do.


I have all the abilities (mostly because I have convinced myself of it, and I have proven it to myself), but I just need to take that first step and do what I haven’t done in the past: follow through.

So now I have realized the value that I can bring to the world. Now I realize that I have so many more skills than I even know what to do with and that could fit into one job category.  Here I go to list them:

I am a helper, a teacher, a coach, an encourager, a writer, and an editor. 

My passion is writing curriculum. I love breaking down large pieces of complicated information into easy to follow steps that anyone can follow: from the people who think they can’t to the people who already think they know how.  I love creating activities and lessons that teach these concepts in a fun and creative way.  I can create the whole picture and the small activities. 

I also love teaching it.  I realize after each time that I get in front of any class, “Hey, I’m really good at this!”  I know how to manage a class, be clear with my expectations and move the point along.  I don’t like to always admit it, but I have become a decent public speaker.  Public speaking is my most challenging piece, not because I am bad at it, but my mind and insecurities have a hard time admitting that I have become pretty good.

I can coach and support people to get better at anything academic in nature: reading, speaking, or writing.  I can quickly see their qualities, what skills they are lacking, and steps that I and they can take to make them better.  I am positive and can present feedback in a palatable way. 

I can learn and teach myself anything as I have done in the past few months.  I had no idea how to do much graphic design, business, or website anything.  Now for most of these things I used tutorials and helpful websites, like venngage and canva, but if you don’t know much about this type of technology it can be a daunting task.  I have also taken quite a few online classes in the past year, so I am comfortable with navigating blackboard, canvas, and schoology as Learning Management Systems.  I have realized quickly that this online teaching platform is growing so quickly that there is going to be a huge disparity between teachers who can and teachers who can’t.  I also have experience doing video teachings through youtube and screencast-o-matic.   Basically, I have everything I need to be an effective online teacher. 

As far as my education goes, I am a Literature and Writing Major, I have a vast knowledge of American History, and I’m currently in a Master’s program to teach English as a second language to adults.  But my experience as an educator has given me the ability to teach basic math, science, or any other subject that I have time to do research on.  My experience in curriculum development has given me the skills to be able to break down new information so that I can teach it.  And currently, in my Master’s program, I am slowly but surely learning how to write for an educated audience.

Finally, my faith is a huge part of my life.  Anything that I do, I want it to be fulfilling the purpose that God has for my life.  I am not only an overconfident, leaning toward egotistical, Veteran Marine, I am also a child of God, and I know that He has a calling on my life.  

I started this wondering how I was going to narrow down my platform, but I think I did it.  You are probably seeing the same thing as I am.  I am a teacher, coach, writer, and curriculum developer.  My platform is teaching skills in becoming a better reading, writing, and speaking.

Now the question is, what do I do with this?



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